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Thanks for picking up your Build a Targeted List That Converts to Buyers Double Ecourse. We have emailed your access information to you, but before that we'd love to give you an opportunity for more great content. It's an Instant Product Funnel that will allow you to create a quick product for sale, done for you, with a make-it-yourself value of $4,250 for just $37.

Here is a quick summary of what's included…

2 Instant Product Funnels That Cost $4,250 to Make Yourself, but You Can Get it Here at a Fraction of the Cost and Save a Ton of Time…if You Grab Them Now

  • 2 Packages with TONS of Practical Fill-in-the-Blank Templates to accompany each of the ecourses. From creating their opt-in offer and making videos to promote their opt-in offer…all the way to following up with subscribers, these templates have your customers covered.
  • 2 Ready-to-Publish Sales Pages to promote each set of templates as a full product. These come in in .doc format and ready-to-paste WordPress code.
  • 2 Promotional Product Graphics (PNG): So you can promote the templates on social media, through your blog and more.
  • 2 x 5-Part Email series to Promote Your Products: Once they've opted in for one of the ecourses you just purchased, use these 5-part email series to turn them into paying customers. These emails are in .doc format.

Here are all the details of this bundle…

Template Package #1: Creating a Winning Opt-In Offer

Building Your Opt-In Offer Templates

  • Creating Your Opt-in Offer TemplatesList Building Checklist: Make sure your customers stay on task and don't miss any steps in growing their list that turns subscribers into customers quickly.
  • Opt-in Page Template: Here's a handy landing  page template that is proven to convert visitors into subscribers.
  • Opt-in Video Script: Help your customers boost their opt-in conversions with this handy script, making it easy to add a personalized video to their landing page.
  • Thank You Page Template: A thank you page, needn't be complicated, but it needs some key elements to ensure more subscribers become customers fast. This template shows them how.
  • Free Report Template: A free report should directly align with a hard-to-resist product offer. This template makes it easy for your customers to make an interesting report that sells their product for them.

7-Part Email Follow Up Templates: 

7-Part Promo Email SeriesThis proven email series is fill-in-the-blanks and ready for your customers to use. It includes 7 informative emails designed to help the recipient make a smart buying decision. 

  • Email 1: Thank You and Product Introduction
  • Email 2: Imagine the Possibilities of the Product
  • Email 3: Ideas for Using the Product
  • Email 4: Mistakes to Avoid with the Problem
  • Email 5: Tips to Solve the Problem
  • Email 6: 24-Hour Warning
  • Email 7: Last Hours Warning

BONUS! Testimonial Templates

One of the best ways to build subscriber confidence is to share testimonials from satisfied subscribers and customers. But not all testimonials are build the same. You get the following to share with your customers, so they can collect and publish the best testimonials possible.

  • Testimonial Checklist
  • Testimonial Questionnaire

Testimonial Case Study

BONUS! Case Study Templates

Case studies are another great way to generate social proof, which means more subscribers will turn into customers. We've included what your customers need to develop solid case studies for marketing purposes.

  • Case Study Content Template
  • Case Study Planning Template

Case Study Templates

Now that's just the first template package. We've got a ton of templates for you to create a second product with…

Template Package #2: Authority Building Video Templates

Checklist and SpreadsheetVideo Script Template:

There's a subtle art to quickly educating or entertaining viewers through video and then getting them interested in an opt-in offer. This video script template ensures your customers have all the right elements in their script to do just that.

Keyword Planner Video Calendar:

This handy calendar makes it easy for your customers to plan their videos, grow their traffic and track their results.

Easy Video Creation Slide Show Templates:

Make it easy for your customers to quickly create high value videos that are designed to turn the viewer into a subscriber quickly. You get two versions of each template…one plain and one with professional template design.

  • Case Study Video Template: This template helps build quick social proof, so that more viewers will want to opt-in to your customers list right away.
  • “How to” Video Template: A template for demonstrating how to do something. Informative content builds authority and authority builds lists.
  • Myth Buster Video Template: Help your customers set themselves apart from the competition by dispelling common myths in their niche.
  • Product Review Template: Searches for product review content are HUGE. Make it easy for your customers to create product reviews that bring them more subscribers too.
  • Recipe Video Template: Recipes are always a big hit on video sites. This template makes it easy to share a recipe and bring the viewer back to opt-in to your customer's list.

Bonus Video Creation Slide Show Templates

Keep your customers in content creation mode with these extra slide show templates that make it easy to create compelling and action-oriented videos.

Bonus Video Templates

  • Event Invitation: Promote a webinar, free online event, in person event, etc.
  • Interview: Add some visuals to an informative interview.
  • Product Demonstration: Popular like product reviews, people want to see products in action
  • Product Promotion: Make it easy for your customers to promote their product for video
  • Special Offer: Get attention with a quick special offer video
  • Testimonial Compilation: Let your customers display feedback from some of their most satisfied customers.
  • Video Testimonial: People want to hear about others who have tried the products and services they're considering. This template makes it easy to showcase a video testimonial.
  • Written Testimonial: Much like the above template, this one allows your customer to showcase their written testimonials.

And now that you have all those great practical template tools for your customers, it's time to promote your product offers. We've got you covered with…

2 X 5-Part Email Promotional Series

Load these promotional emails into your autoresponder to stay in touch after someone opts-in for one of the free ecourses and convince them to buy the templates.


2 Copy-and-Paste Ready-to-Convert Sales Pages

To make it easy for you to add an upsell to the ecourses with the templates we provide in this bundle, we've included the sales page copy…and even created the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you! Just fill in the blanks with your own information, order button and you're ready to roll.

2 Product Promo Graphics

Use the graphics for your sales pages, social media, blog or wherever you publish content. They're a visual representation of all the awesome templates you have to offer!

We've Done The Work…
Now Use the Templates as an Easy Way to Turn Your Ecourse Bundle into a High Value Training Product 

We've included everything you need to turn these templates into quick products for sale and even threw in the marketing materials to make it dead simple.

Let's look at how much it would cost to put this together for yourself (HINT: Don't Do All the Work When We've Already Done It!)

Instant Product Upsell Contents Time to Create Cost to Create
2 Sets of Templates for the High-Converting Opt-in Offer Ecourse and Authority Building Video Creation Ecourse 20 Hours $3000
2 Sets of 5 Professionally-Written Promo Emails 4 Hours $350
2 Professionally-Written Sales Page (.doc and copy-and-paste WordPress code...we even host the images) 6 Hours $700
2 Product Graphics 3 Hours $200

At only $37 ($4,250 value) for your PLR license, so you can save endless hours of time and plenty of money to provide your readers with the information they’re looking for.

To your content publishing success,

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