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Thanks for picking up your Instagram and Facebook Story Profits bundle. We have emailed your access information to you, but before that we'd love to give you an opportunity for more valuable content to use with your purchase, so you can deliver great content effortlessly and focus on more important areas of your business. There is a ton of great content included.

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Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included,
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This massive bundle of content includes the following:

  • 3 Detailed Guides – 4,901 words (.docx):  That cover the latest and most effective ways to use and set up stories on social media. Topics Include:

1. Snapchat Stories Set Up Guide
2. Guide to Using Canva Stories
3. Resource Guide: How to Create Engaging Stories

  • 3 Best Practice Articles – 3,070 words (.docx): Includes the best practices for using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories. Topics Include                                                            

1. Instagram Stories Best Practices
2. Facebook Stories Best Practices
3. Snapchat Stories Best Practices

  • Tools & Apps List – 1,217 words (.docx): A comprehensive list of tools and apps to use for creating social media stories.
  • Ideas Sheet & Sample Story Ideas (.docx): Includes ideas to use for social media stories that any audience will resonate with. Also a sample list of 5 multi-image stories to use.
  • 13 Ideas for Using this Bundle (.pdf): Getting you off to a great start so you know just how to use all of this great content.
  • 12 Ideas for Marketing this Bundle (.pdf): There are a ton of different ways to market this bundle to your audience and we've got some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
  • 2 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each guide to help your opt-ins stand out.
  • Multi-Image Story Templates (.potx and .psd): Includes 5 multi-image story templates created in both PowerPoint and Photoshop.
  • Single-Image Story Templates (.psd and .png): Includes 13 story templates for you to customize or use as is.
  • Video & Instructions: PLR video you can use to market this bundle to your audience that explains the benefits of using social media stories for marketing/list building. Also included is instructions on how to post this video to YouTube or embed on your website.

Now let's take a closer look at everything….

Snapchat Stories Set Up Guide
(1,702 words/6 pages)

It is common for Snapchat users to access the site about 13 times a day, so creating content there can give you just the kind of visibility you’ve been looking for. So, how can you get started with Snapchat stories? This guide covers the essentials of set up and usage.

Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

Ecovers Included

Canva Stories Set Up Guide (9 pages / 587 words)

Step-by-step guide to creating engaging stories using Canva.

 Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

Ecovers Included

Instagram Stories Best Practices (3 pages / 984 words)

Learn the latest tips and strategies to make your Instagram stories a success.

Facebook Stories Best Practices (3 pages/1,020 words)

Learn the latest tips and strategies to make your Facebook stories a success.


Snapchat Stories Best Practices (3 pages/1066 words)

Learn the latest tips and strategies to make your Snapchat stories a success.

How to Create Engaging Stories Your Audience Will Love
(7 Pages/2,612 words)

Learn how to market through storytelling by using engaging content that will be perfect for your target audience.

Finding Ideas for Your Social Media Story
(1 page/535 words)

When it comes to creating social media stories for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there are several classics that will resonate with every audience. With these ideas, you will find some great suggestions.

Tools & Apps for Creating and Marketing Your Social Media Stories
(3 pages/1217 words)

5 Multi-Image Story Ideas

Here is a list of 5 different examples/ideas to help your readers get thinking and plan their next multi-image social media story.

Plug and Play Story Templates
Multi-Image Story Templates (powerpoint, .jpg and .psd)

Single-Image Story Templates (powerpoint, .jpg and .psd)

Video Explaining Social Media Stories

Use this professional video explaining the benefits of using social media stories to help market your content. Also comes with instructions on how to embed this video into your website and how to upload to YouTube.


We've Done All The Hard Work…
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Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own…

Social Media Stories Time to Create Cost to Create
3 Professionally Written Guides (22 pages/4,901 words)(.docx) 4 Hours $475
3 Professionally Written Articles (9 pages/3,070 words)(.docx) 3 Hours $270
3 Worksheets (5 pages/1,866 words) (.docx) 2 Hours $225
2-Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each 4 Hours $150
Social Media Story Templates in jpg, psd and powerpoint format 7 Hours $625
Professional Video Explanation and Instructions (.mp4 and .pdf) 10 Hours $950
Ideas for Using and Marketing this Content (.pdf) 3 Hours $270

As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment to put this content together on your own…but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content, add your affiliate links and more.

Grab it now for only $97 ($2,965 cost to create yourself) for your PLR license, so you can save endless hours of time and plenty of money to provide your readers with the information they're looking for.

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