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PLR Report “Your Insider's Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketing with Checklist and Ecover Graphics

Insider's Guide Using Snapchat for MarketingSnapchat is a social media platform that is image and video based. You “snap” an image or a video and then you either send it to one particular person, or more people. Or, you can add it to a “story”, which lasts for 24 hours that anyone can view, depending on your privacy settings.

As the third most used Internet app, now worth an estimated 15 billion dollars, it’s a very powerful solution for many different types of businesses, whether large or small, online or offline. Now corporations, small businesses and individuals wanting to expand awareness of their brand, or just have fun, use Snapchat on a daily basis successfully.

This bundle will teach your readers how they can get started using Snapchat for marketing their business.


Your PLR Bundle Includes:

Your Insider's Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketing PLR report (4,060 words) will teach your readers the benefits of Snapchat and how they can use it for marketing. Topics include:

  • How it works
  • Getting started
  • Snapchat settings
  • Snapchat stories vs. individual messages
  • Why you need Snapchat for marketing
  • 10 ways to get more views and friends/followers
  • 5 Snapchat marketing tips that work
  • Do's and Don'ts of Snapchat marketing
  • Examples of brands successfully using Snapchat
  • Getting started

…and more. Give you readers the information they need to get going on Snapchat.

Here is a peek inside:

Insider's Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketing

Insider's Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketing

Promotional Cover Graphics

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 3 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

Ecovers Included

Ecovers Included

Bonus: Checklist

You also get a detailed checklist (2 pages / 400 words) to help your readers stay on track while learning to market with Snapchat.

Insider's Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketing

That's a total of  1 report and 1 checklist with 4,460 words and promotional ecover graphics. It's ready-to-go or ready-to-edit and monetize content!

Use the content for opt-ins, publish it to your blog, social media and more. Or turn the content into an information product, add links to affiliate products or promote your own products. The choice is yours!

Save hours upon hours of time and provide your readers with the information they're looking for.

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