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Welcome! This page was put together so you, the affiliate, has a single location you can come to to find out about upcoming List Magnets & Publish for Prosperity Launches . {Click here for the full Launch Calendar}. You can find Evergreen promotional content on the second tab and Damon and Alices's contact information on the third tab along with a link to the Facebook Group.


  • P4P = Publish for Prosperity (Self Development Topics)
  • LM= List Magnets (Business and Marketing Topics)
  • DFY= Done For You PLR Templates

Upcoming Launches

P4P - 101 Ways to Break Bad Habits and Create New Good Ones for More Success in Your Life Planner + Report Pack

LM - 30 Days to Becoming a Published Author

P4P - 4 Weeks to Decluttering Your Life and Mind for More Focus

List Magnets - 45 Day Linked In Client Blueprint

P4P - Happiness is a Choice: How to Live a Happy Life and Approach Each Day with a Positive Attitude Planner + Report Pack

List Magnets -  Local Business Domination Game Plan

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