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Podcast Interviews


Many people have listened to podcasts but they may not know how they work from a business owner's perspective. Podcasts have been around for a long time, in internet years. Business owners, especially those new to online business, are learning what a valuable tool it is for building an audience base. One of the ways to use this technology to your business advantage is by giving and hosting podcast interviews.

Communities are built around podcasting programs. As a podcast host, you can bring together an audience with targeted interests who would benefit from getting to know each other. Through these connections, your business benefits as well as the individual lives of your listeners.

In this bundle, your readers will learn how to become a guest on podcasts to gain more exposure and credibility.

Your PLR Bundle Includes:

Boost Your Exposure and Grow Your Credibility with Podcast Interviews PLR report (4,124 words / 4 images) will teach your readers how to get interviewed on podcasts to get more exposure. Topics include:

  • What exactly podcasting consists of
  • Why podcasting is so important for your content marketing plan
  • Things to consider before pitching to podcasting hosts
  • Sample template for your podcast pitch to help you stand out from the crowd
  • How to find guest podcasting opportunities
  • How to be a stellar guest and mistakes you must avoid

…and more. Give your readers the information they need to gain exposure and credibility through podcasts.

Here is a peek inside:

Boost Your Exposure and Grow Your Credibility with Podcast Interviews

Boost Your Exposure and Grow Your Credibility with Podcast Interviews

Promotional Cover Graphics

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 3 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

Boost Your Exposure and Grow Your Credibility with Podcast Interviews

Ecovers Included

Bonus: Detailed Interview Booking and Prep Checklist

You also get a detailed checklist (3 page / 998 words) to help your readers stay on track as they contact potential podcast hosts.

Boost Your Exposure and Grow Your Credibility with Podcast Interviews Checklist

NEW BONUS! Lead-Generating Opt-In Page

To help you grow your list with this report, we've included the opt-in copy…and even created the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you! Just fill in the blanks with your own information, autoresponder opt-in code and you're ready to roll.

Podcast Interviews Optin

NEW BONUS! 25 Tweets/Social Media Updates

You also get 25 tweets/tips on how you can used Podcast Interviews to boost your exposure.

Podcast Interviews

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Boost Your Exposure Bundle Cost to Create
4124 word report (.doc) $425
Promotional Ecover Set (.JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D version) $75
Lead-Generating WordPress-Ready Opt-in Page Copy (.doc and copy-and-paste WordPress code...we even host the images) $120
Detailed Interview Bookkeeping and Prep Checklist (998 words) (.doc) $100
25 Pre-Written Tweets (.doc) $50

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