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This package includes a total of 52 autoresponder emails with over 18,000 words, so you can continue delivering value all year long to your readers. Add your product promotions, affiliate recommendations and more.

Here are the email topics included:

1. Welcome To Information Product Creation (283 words)
2. Popular Information Product Types (333 words)
3. Setting Up Your New Business Properly (330 words)
4. Brainstorming Your Niche Options (347 words)
5. Narrow Your Niche by Audience Demographics (315 words)
6. Narrow Your Niche by Sub-Niches (292 words)
7. A Closer Look at Sub-Niches (326 words)
8. The Benefits Of Niche Marketing (288 words)
9. Digging Deeper Into Your Sub-Niche (289 words)
10. Common Mistakes To Avoid (308 words)
11. Fact-Finding In Your Niche (295 words)
12. More Fact-Finding In Your Niche (352 words)
13. More Info Products Research Sources (376 words)
14. Clickbank-Top Information Product Marketplace (369 words)
15. Crafting A Great Clickbank Offer (254 words)
16. Other Special Offers That Sell Well (370 words)
17. Product Formats and Recurring Revenue Types (370 words)
18. Crafting Great Offers For Your Info Products (326 words)
19. Even More Product Research (349 words)
20. Getting The Right PLR For Your Needs (333 words)
21. Crafting Great PLR Packs To Sell (326 words)
22. Creating Great Content Bundles (303 words)
23. Using Keywords In Your Marketing (297 words)
24. Is Your Website Or Blog Product Friendly (319 words)
25. Using WordPress To Sell Your Info Products (373 words)
26. Planning Your New Website (365 words)
27. The Basics Of Email Marketing (362 words)
28. The Value Of Autoresponders (372 words)
29. Autoresponders Versus Broadcast Emails (365 words)
30. Building Your Email Marketing List (290 words)
31. Social Media Basics (370 words)
32. The Main Goals Of Social Media (349 words)
33. Facebook Essentials (285 words)
34. Finalizing The Plans For Your Product (334 words)
35. Hiring A Ghostwriter (314 words)
36. Getting The Most Out Of Your Ghostwriter Experience (359 words)
37. Pricing Your Product Correctly (313 words)
38. Pricing And Adding Value (344 words)
39. Sales Page Elements – First Five Essentials (326 words)
40. Last 4 Sales Page Essential Elements (273 words)
41. Getting Reviews And Testimonials (348 words)
42. Your Launch Day Timetable (306 words)
43. Additional-Optional Promotions To Create (352 words)
44. Writing A Press Release (397 words)
45. Creating A Webinar (371 words)
46. Common Launch Day Mistakes To Avoid (361 words)
47. Marketing Your New Product (349 words)
48. Buying Ads To Promote Your Info Product (325 words)
49. Twitter And Facebook Sponsored Ads (277 words)
50. Ads From Scratch and More (324 words)
51. Tracking And Testing Your Results (388 words)
52. Your Special Message and Wrap Up (391 words)

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