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Local Domination Plan

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google my business local domination plan

We all know how critical it is to have a mailing list for a successful business…but there's one big obstacle that can keep you from leveraging your list and that's getting more subscribers, but great news! It's easier than you might think. All it takes is creating simple free gifts that your readers can't wait to give their email address for.

And it's even EASIER because we've ALREADY created those gifts for you. All you do is grab them and publish.

I'm Alice Seba and I've been publishing private label rights content since 2006. I'm pleased to announce “Google My Business” bundle that will teach your readers all about expanding their reach and building brand awareness using Google My Business.

It's my goal to make it as easy as possible for you to grow that list, so you have time to focus on turning those subscribers into paying customers. Not only have we created several free opt-in gifts for you, you'll also get done-for-you opt-in page copy and ecover graphics to get things rolling quickly. Seriously, this is publish and go type stuff.

Here's a Quick Summary of What's Included,
All with Private Label Rights:

This bundle of content includes the following:

  • Google My Business Set Up Guide – 19 pages 3,396 words (.docx): Includes how to set-up a google my business in 8 simple steps.
  • Resources List – 6 pages 1,644 words (.docx): Includes a comprehensive list of resources to help you either outsource certain tasks or do-it-yourself.
  • 10 Social Media Graphics (Tips/Tweets/Quotes) (.JPG and .PSD): So you can easily share Google business tips all across social media.
  • Professionally-Designed Ecover Set: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with the setup guide.
  • Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To help you grow your list with this content, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you!
  • 4 Promo Emails (.docx): Autoresponder series about trends and importance of using Google My Business, including best practices and ways to best use Google My Business.
  • Marketing Funnel Diagram (not PLR): Giving a visual of how to set up the marketing funnel.
  • Targeted Website Traffic Checklist (not PLR): Includes tips on generating website traffic for list building and increasing sales.

Now let's take a closer look at everything….

Google My Business Set-Up Guide
(3,396 words/19 pages)

If you operate a business, a staggering 1.1 billion searches (or 12,600 per second!) on Google are from persons looking for products and services in the local geographic area in which they live and, or work. This need from the public to find merchants and service providers who offer products and provide services in their respective neighborhoods is the reason why more and more business owners are scrambling to get themselves and their company’s listed on Google My Business (GMB), and you should too.

google my business set-up guide

Outsourcing Resource List
(6 pages/1,644 words) 

Comprehensive list of resources to help with video creation, graphic creation, tools for editing images, tools for creating infographics, tools for creating mindmaps, places to find images and more!

outsourcing resource list
10  Social Media Graphics

10 social media graphics that include reasons to use Google My Business and why it's important to get new customers.

social media graphics 

Lead-Generating Opt-in Page

To help you grow your list with this bundle, we’ve included the opt-in copy…and even created the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you! Just fill in the blanks with your own information, autoresponder opt-in code and you’re ready to roll.

Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

google my business ecovers

Ecovers Included

4 Promotional Emails

You also get a promotional email series (4 emails) about trends and the importance of using Google My Business, including best practices and ways to best use Google My Business.

google my business emails

 Marketing Funnel Diagram Image

Use this diagram as a visual to help you set up your sales funnel with your content (no PLR rights).

marketing funnel diagram

Targeted Website Traffic Checklist

This checklist includes tips on generating more website traffic for list building and increasing sales (no PLR rights).

traffic tips

We've Done All The Hard Work…
You Just Have to Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in getting all these ready-to-publish content for you to use as lead magnets, blog posts and more. Not only have we made the content, but we've made the graphics you need to promote your well-researched content.

Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own…

Google My Business Time to Create Cost to Create
Professionally-Written Guide (19 Pages/ 3,396 words) 4 Hours $650
Professionally-Designed Ecover Set (.JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions each) 2 Hours $150
Resource List (6 pages/ 1,644 words) 4 Hours $450
4 Pre-Written Course Delivery Emails 2 Hours $250
1 x Lead-Generating WordPress-Ready Opt-in Page Copy (.doc and copy-and-paste WordPress code...we even host the images) 2 Hours $150
10 Social Media Graphics (Tips/Tweets/Quotes) (.JPG and .PSD) 3 Hours $275
Detailed Targeted Website Traffic Checklist 2 Hours $175
Marketing Funnel Diagram 2 Hours $250

As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment to put this content together on your own…but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content, add your affiliate links and more.

Grab it now for only $27 ($2,350 cost to create yourself) for your PLR license, so you can save endless hours of time and plenty of money to provide your readers with the information they're looking for.

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Alice Seba

Alice Seba
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