Email Marketing Rules: 19 Reasons Why

Over the years, marketing methods and platforms come and go…but when it comes to selling products and services, nothing is still quite as powerful as email. And for good reason. Here are 19 of those reasons: 1. Cheap. There’s no doubt … Continue reading

(Free Template Included) How to Create an Effective Opt-in Landing Page

An opt-in landing page, or sometimes called a “squeeze page”, is a must for list-building activity. It is simply a page that does nothing except “sell” your newsletter/freebie/opt-in. Because it’s a page that’s focused on getting opt-ins, your opt-in conversion … Continue reading

Free Report Download: How to Grow Your Captive Audience with Email Marketing

Growing a list is one thing, but growing a list of people that looks forward to your emails and wants to know what YOU have to say and which products you recommend…is what you really need to focus on. This free … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Deeper Bond with Your Subscribers for Better Results

A mailing list is one of the most important tools an internet marketer has. It offers the opportunity for ongoing contact with customers and prospective customers. But it’s about much more than just getting sales. A mailing list allows marketers … Continue reading

37 Valuable Gift Ideas to Grow Your List

If there’s one thing that makes it easier for you to grow your list quickly, it’s to give away something valuable in return for the opt-in. If you’re not sure what to give away, here are 37 ideas to get you … Continue reading