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Alice Seba Owner of DIYplr.com

Alice Seba
Owner ListMagnets.com

Hi, I'm Alice Seba, the owner and creator of ListMagnets.com. As a quality PLR provider since 2006,  this project was created in response to the demand from business owners like you that wanted more practical, high-value content with private label rights. We specialize in creating content and other practical tools that will help you grow and profit from your list.

With a background as a ghostwriter, copywriter and teacher, who happens to be fully immersed in the world of content marketing myself, I have a good understanding of what makes content useful…both for the consumer and the business owner who publishes that content.

Our mission at ListMagnets.com is to create valuable content that will grow your reputation, build your list and boost your bottom line. It's that simple. You can find out what our customers think about our content here.

If you're ready to publish tons of great content, but don't want to break your back or wallet doing it, see our currently available PLR bundles here.

We look forward to making YOU look good!